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Waiter : Good evening sir, can I help you ?

Customer : Yes, Have you got a free table ?

Waiter : Yes, certainly sir, where would you like to sit ?

Customer : near the window ?

Waiter : Yes, certainly sir. follow me, this way please.

Customer : Can I have the menu please ?

Waiter : Yes, here you are sir. (wait for the guest to choose)

Waiter : Are you ready to order ?

Customer : Yes. Can I have Chicken carbonara pasta please?

Waiter : Yes of course. What would you like to drink?

Customer : Can I have a glass of white wine please?

Waiter : Yes of course. Can I recommend a nice French wine to you?

Customer: Will it match the food?

Waiter: Yes, it is a pleasant white wine that will match your sauce. Anything else?

Customer : No that’s all thank you.

Waiter : So you would like the Chicken carbonara pasta with white wine. I will bring the

wine now and the food will come soon.

( When the waiter brings the wine… a little time later he brings the food )

Waiter : Here we are sir. Your Chicken carbonara pasta, I hope you enjoy your meal sir.

( After eating the meal )

Customer : Waiter, can you come here please ?

Waiter : Yes, can I help you ?

Customer : Can I have the bill ?

Waiter : Yes, certainly sir. Just a moment. Here you are.

Customer : Can I pay by credit card ?

Waiter : Yes of course. I hope you will come again.

Customer : Thank you so much. Good evening.










Hotel Reservation Dialogue




·  Receptionist:   Good afternoon, San Felice Hotel. May I help you? (Selamat sore, San Felice Hotel. Ada yang bisa saya bantu?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Yes. I’d like to book a room, please. (Ya. Saya ingin memesan kamar)

·  Receptionist:   Certainly. When for, madam? (Tentu saja. Untuk kapan, bu?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   March the 23rd. (Tanggal 23 Maret)

·  Receptionist:   How long will you be staying? (Mau nginap berapa lama?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Three nights. (3 malam)

·  Receptionist:   What kind of room would you like, madam? (Mau pesan kamar apa, bu?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Er… double. I’d appreciate it if you could give me a room with a view over the lake. (mmm… Double. Kalau ada kamar yang menghadap ke danau, saya akan lebih senang lagi)

·  Receptionist:   Certainly, madam. I’ll just check what we have available… Yes, we have a room on the 4th floor with a really splendid view. (Tentu, Bu. Sebentar saya cek dulu … Ya, kita masih ada kamar di lantai 4 yang menghadap ke Danau)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Fine. How much is the charge per night? (Bagus. Berapa per malam?)

·  Receptionist:   Would you like breakfast? (Harganya mau satu paket dengan sarapan? )

·  Mrs Ryefield:   No, thanks. (Tidak. Terima kasih)

·  Receptionist:   It’s eighty four euro per night excluding VAT. (84 euro per malam tidak termasuk PPN)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   That’s fine. (Baiklah)

·  Receptionist:   Who’s the booking for, please, madam? (Atas nama siapa, Bu?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Mr and Mrs Ryefield, that’s R-Y-E-F-I-E-L-D. (Tn dan Ny Ryefield. R-Y-E-F-I-E-L-D)

·  Receptionist:   Okay, let me make sure I got that: Mr and Mrs Ryefield. Double for March the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Is that correct? (Baik, saya ulangi: Tn dan Ny Ryefield. Pesan kamar double untuk tanggal 23 – 25 Maret. Betul, Bu?)

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Yes it is. Thank you. (Ya. Terima kasih.)

·  Receptionist:   Let me give you your confirmation number. It’s: 7576385. I’ll repeat that: 7576385. Thank you for choosing San Felice Hotel and have a nice day. Goodbye. (Ini nomor konfirmasinya, Bu. 75766385. Saya ulangi, 75766385. Terima kasih )

·  Mrs Ryefield:   Goodbye. (Sampai jumpa)












Dialogue  Reservation Airline Tickets




Reservation clerk : Elang Persada Airlines, good morning. May I help you?
Arya Pamungkas : Yes, do you have any flights to Pontianak next Tuesday afternoon?
Reservation clerk : One moment, please…. Yes, there's a flight at 6:45 a.m. and one at 9:00 a.m.
Arya Pamungkas : That’s fine. Could you tell me how much a return flight costs? I’ll be staying three weeks.
Reservation clerk : Economy, business class, or first class ticket?
Arya Pamungkas : Economy, please.
Reservation clerk : That would be Rp500,000.
Arya Pamungkas : OK. Could I make a reservation?
Reservation clerk : Certainly. Which flight would you like?
Arya Pamungkas : The 6:45 a.m., please.
Reservation clerk : Could I have your name, please?
Arya Pamungkas : My name is Arya Pamungkas, that’s A-R-Y-A P-A-M-U-N-G-K-A-S.
Reservation clerk : Your phone number, please?
Arya Pamungkas : 081234567899
Reservation clerk : And your address, please?
Arya Pamungkas : Jl. A. Yani 17 Surabaya.
Reservation clerk : How would you like to pay, Mr. Pamungkas?
Arya Pamungkas : Can I pay at the check-in desk when I pick up my ticket?
Reservation clerk : Yes, but you will have to confirm this reservation at least two hours before departure time.
Arya Pamungkas : I see.
Reservation clerk : Now you have been booked, Mr. Pamungkas. The flight leaves at 6:45 a.m., and your arrival in Pontianak will be at 9:25 a.m., local time. The flight number is NWA 476.
Arya Pamungkas : Thank you.









Reservation Hotel


Receptionist : Good afternoon, Marcopolo Hotel. May I help you?
Mrs. Siregar : Yes. I'd like to book a room, please.
Receptionist : Certainly. When would it be, Madam?
Mrs. Siregar : May the 11th.
Receptionist : How long will you be staying?
Mrs. Siregar : Three nights.
Receptionist : What kind of room would you like, madam?
Mrs. Siregar : Er… double with bath. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a room with a view over the valley.
Receptionist : Certainly, Madam. I'll just check. Yes, we have a room, the 5th floor with a really splendid view.
Mrs. Siregar : Fine. How much is the charge per night?
Receptionist : Would you like breakfast?
Mrs. Siregar : No, thanks.
Receptionist : It's Rp984,500 per night excluding tax.
Mrs. Siregar : That's fine.
Receptionist : Under what name would you like the reservation, please?
Mrs. Siregar : Mr. and Mrs. Siregar, that's S-I-R-E-G-A-R.
Receptionist : Okay, let me make sure I got that: Mr. and Mrs. Siregar. Double with bath for May the 11th, 12th, and 13th. Is that correct?
Mrs. Siregar : Yes, it is. Thank you.
Receptionist : Thank you for choosing Marcopolo Hotel and have a nice day. Goodbye.
Mrs. Siregar : Goodbye.








Reservation Hotel Room



Reservation clerk : Starfield Travel Agency. Can I help you?
Park Ji-Sung : Hello. I'd like to reconfirm my flight, please.
Reservation clerk : May I have your name and flight number, please?
Park Ji-Sung : My name is Park Ji-Sung and my flight number is Elang Airlines 374.
Reservation clerk : When are you leaving?
Park Ji-Sung : On May 11th.
Reservation clerk : And your destination?
Park Ji-Sung : Seoul.
Reservation clerk : Hold the line, please. … All right. Your seat is confirmed, Mr. Park. You’ll be arriving in Seoul at 4 o'clock p.m. at local time.
Park Ji-Sung : Thank you. Can I pick up my ticket when I check in?
Reservation clerk : Yes, but please check in at least one hour before departure time.

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